ACC Newsletter – November

Once again thanks for your cooperation, understanding and the amount of work you put in to make your property properly maintained and beautiful.

Here are a few reminders and/or advice:

  • Unless the lawn is treated for weeds, they will continue to grow. Since they are green – unlike dormant lawn grass, they are difficult to see when the lawn is freshly mowed, but are very obvious a few days later.
  • It is difficult to grow a Bermuda or Zoysia lawn from seed grass with the heavy clay in our soil. Better results come from using sod, which is why the covenants require that sod be used in front and side yards. Make sure the soil is broken up and a layer of top soil is added prior to laying down the sod.
  • Please replenish mulch or pine straw, as needed. Fall and spring are good times to mulch.
  • Leaves have already started to fall, so please keep up with their removal. We know it is somewhat difficult to remove them from areas that have pine straw or mulch but please do not let it get away from you.
  • Thank you for bagging your dog droppings; remember to dispose of them properly.
  • Please do not leave your dog poop bag in a neighbor’s trashcan on trash pickup days.  

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