ACC Newsletter – November

Retaining Ponds

The ACC is in the process of obtaining bids for the required maintenance of the Brookshade water retaining ponds. The purpose is to ensure that they can handle the natural flow of runoff from the Brookshade community into natural spring beds, minimize erosion, and eliminate areas where stagnant water can accumulate. Several walk-throughs have been made with vendors in order to determine the scope of work, obtain final bids and minimize cost. Required maintenance will require clearing of vegetation, repair of fences, adding, rip rap to minimize erosion and removing accumulated trash, tree clippings and yard waste. Please refrain from throwing your yard waste in these drainage areas.

Property Improvement VendorsIn an effort to make life a little easier, the Board is gathering information on contractors that have been used by homeowners with your recommendation and caveats. This list will be posted on the Brookshade web site and updated on a periodic basis. As such we ask you to provide toCharles Piraneo, Member at Large, the list of vendors you have used to work on your property along with their phone number and brief note as to why you would rehire them or not.

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