As you may be aware this is the final step of the project which was initiated last spring with an engineering study by E303. Walkthroughs were made with three different vendors and detailed bids provided. Engineering, Inc. was chosen based on their experience, details on specific work areas, and cost.

Although the entire Brookshade community will be affected, the following specific addresses have been identified as being closest to the work areas:

  • 771 Brookshade Parkway
  • 320 Oak Hill 
  • 911/921 North Brookshade
  • 881/891 North Brookshade
  • 415 Oak Hollow Ct
  • 290/300 Oakhurst Leaf Drive
  • 303 Oakhurst Leaf Drive
  • 345 Oakhurst Leaf Drive
  • 140/150/160 Oakhurst Leaf Drive.

Should you have any questions either before or during the project, please do not hesitate to get in touch with either: Sheila Namanworth (ACC Chair) at 404-915-5265

Charles Piraneo (Member at Large) at 913-683-5301

Thanks again for your cooperation.

BHOA Board

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