ACC Newsletter – November

Once again thanks for your cooperation, understanding and the amount of work you put in to make your property properly maintained and beautiful.

Here are a few reminders and/or advice:

  • Unless the lawn is treated for weeds, they will continue to grow. Since they are green – unlike dormant lawn grass, they are difficult to see when the lawn is freshly mowed, but are very obvious a few days later.
  • It is difficult to grow a Bermuda or Zoysia lawn from seed grass with the heavy clay in our soil. Better results come from using sod, which is why the covenants require that sod be used in front and side yards. Make sure the soil is broken up and a layer of top soil is added prior to laying down the sod.
  • Please replenish mulch or pine straw, as needed. Fall and spring are good times to mulch.
  • Leaves have already started to fall, so please keep up with their removal. We know it is somewhat difficult to remove them from areas that have pine straw or mulch but please do not let it get away from you.
  • Thank you for bagging your dog droppings; remember to dispose of them properly.
  • Please do not leave your dog poop bag in a neighbor’s trashcan on trash pickup days.  


Homeowners are invited to a special meeting on July 18, 2019 to vote on the assessment. The proposed special assessment would be due August 1, 2019, and in January 2020. The meeting will be held at Cottonwood Estates, 255 Vaughn Drive and start promptly at 7:30 PM. As stipulated in the by-laws, a special assessment requires 2/3 yes votes of a quorum of homeowners attending the meeting. A quorum is defined as 25% of homeowners, including those submitting a proxy. The Board encourages all homeowners to attend this important meeting.

A copy of the July 18, 2019, meeting agenda and proxy are attached. If you are unable to attend the meeting please ensure that you print your name and address, sign and date the proxy and provide it to an attendee. 

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If you’re considering moving to our neighborhood and want to learn more about Brookshade, click our About Brookshade tab. If you’re new to the neighborhood, make sure you join Brookshade Nextdoor and send your email address to our HOA Secretary.


The Brookshade ACC Procedures, Standards, and Guidelines have been collectively consolidated, amended and restated as the Rules, Regulations, Standards, Guidelines and Procedures of the Association (“Consolidated Rules”). This revision coheres with the BHOA Bylaws and the Declaration of Convenants, Conditions and Restrictions providing homeowners with a clearer reference.

The Rules, Regulations, Standards, Guidelines and Procedures can be found under the Downloads tab.  Please review it, and keep it with your Brookshade-related documents for future reference.

If you have any questions please submit them in writing to the Association’s Board of Directors, delivered by email to the Association at President or Treasurer.


To help promote and protect the Brookshade community, the Association’s Board of Directors has formalized and adopted a Rule Regarding Fines and Sanctions. Please download it here, and keep it with your Brookshade-related documents for future reference.

This Rule is to clarify and formalize procedures if, for example, despite requests and/or warnings, an Owner, occupant, or guest persists, continues, or re-commits a violation of the covenants or rules. The Board can enforce compliance by imposing fines and/or other sanctions.