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WM UPDATE: New Guidelines

Brookshade Homeowners,

We’ve received notice from Waste Management that our regular trash and recycling service will resume this Friday, 4/1.  Additionally, Waste Management has implemented new service guidelines.  Please see the attached flyer for the full guidelines, but below is a summary of the major changes:

  • Trash/yard waste must be bagged and fit inside of your trash carts.
  • No extra cans or bags may be accepted outside the cart for collection.
  • Waste Management provides curbside bulk removal service for up to 3 items, including Christmas trees, for $75.  Residents need to call the customer service center to schedule pick up in advance.


Thank you,
BHOA Board

WM UPDATE: Covid Impact

Dear Waste Management Customer,

COVID cases have recently seen a dramatic global increase, decimating communities, families, businesses, and industries across the world. This new COVID variant has temporarily impacted our workforce at all levels. In metro Atlanta, Waste Management has a high percentage of our workforce quarantined due to COVID related illness. These absences, while temporary, are negatively impacting our ability to provide on-time service to our customers.

Effective immediately, Waste Management will be making the following changes to all residential subscription and residential HOA services until further notice:

• Temporarily suspending all residential recycling routes
• Temporarily suspending all residential bulk pick up services
• Minimizing excess removal to four (4) extra bags around the container

During this interim period, all recycling drivers will be reassigned to service a solid waste route as a measure to provide trash removal on schedule. To ensure our customers have an alternative solution, all recycling customers may place their recycling container at the curb on their scheduled trash service day and we will dispose of recyclables in a solid waste truck. Our drivers will be instructed to empty both the trash and recycling containers.



The pool season this year will be unique. In order for Brookshade Homeowners Association, Inc. to open the pool this season we must abide by pool guidelines established by the Fulton County Public Health Department, State of Georgia and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Pool Committee and board are working with Sears Pool Management Consultants, Inc. to provide facilities that are consistent with these guidelines so that residents can enjoy the pool this season.  

The BHOA cannot guarantee that there will be no-risk of exposure to or contracting an illness. Therefore, every person who enters the pool, clubhouse, and amenity area will do so at their own risk. It is imperative that each person follow the government guidelines to minimize the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19. 

The BHOA must rely on the good judgment of all residents to maintain sanitary conditions and government mandated social distancing when using the facilities. Certain amenities and areas will reopen, subject to the rules and regulations provided in this document. If the Pool Committee or board receives complaints or observes violations that residents are failing to follow pool rules or COVID-19 government guidelines, the Association, through the Board of Directors, will undertake enforcement action against the violating owners, including but not limited to fining and suspension of access to the amenities.  Additionally, if there is a collective failure to abide by social distancing guidelines, the Board will be forced to close the pool.  


Should you have questions, comments or concerns about this information or wish to volunteer to work on the Pool Committee, please email:

Graduating Senior Banner

It is time for Brookshade to recognize all the graduating seniors (high school or college) in the neighborhood. If you would like your child’s name on the banner then send an email by Apr. 7th to 
Lynnette Huddle:

Include your child’s name as you would like it on the banner.  Again, the due date for your seniors name is Apr. 7th.


Brookshade Residents,

The ACC has received many requests for vendor suggestions on repairing or replacing mailboxes. Brookshade residents can get quotes from 3 different vendors. Pricing typically runs from $15 (replacement parts) to $250 (repair). A complete restoration can run from $350 to $450 depending on if the box needs to be replaced.

1. The Mailbox Project: (770) 535-0036 |

Several residents have recently used The Mailbox Project with favorable results and has been recommended by the ACC in the past 5 years.

2. GSi Mailboxes: (678) 671-6870 |

Click the Contact tab to get a free quote.

3. Peachtree Post and Box: (404) 702-8453 |

Peachtree Post was the original installer of mailboxes in Brookshade.

Brookshade ACC


Brookshade Homeowners:

We have been informed that Waste Management was unable to complete Tuesday’s service routes due to the unsafe road conditions. As a result, their service has fallen behind schedule. To ensure everyone’s collection, they are now operating on a one-day delay. Therefore, if your regular collection day is Thursday, they will service on Friday. Brookshade’s regular collection day is Friday so expect our service to be on Saturday, FEB 20TH.  Please make sure your containers are accessible. If they are unable to service you as scheduled, they will collect any excess waste missed due to this event when they complete your next pick up. To stay up to date as conditions change, please visit our website,  

Thanksgiving Trash Schedule


In observance of Thanksgiving Day, Waste Management offices will be closed. Therefore, customers with a Thursday or Friday collection day, will be serviced one day behind schedule.

For example: Thursday customers will be serviced on Friday, and Friday customers will be serviced on Saturday.  Only Thursday and Friday customers will be affected.

There will be no delays for customers whose service days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

The schedule is also available on our website,

Thank you and have a very Happy Thanksgiving! 😊

2020 BHOA Annual Meeting

The annual BHOA meeting is scheduled Thursday, October 22nd starting at 7:00PM at the Milton City Hall, 2006 Heritage Walk, Milton, GA 30004. The meeting will need to adjourn no later than 9:30PM. One homeowner is encouraged to attend from each family since we will be required to maintain social distance at the meeting and each attendee will be required to wear a facemask.