WM UPDATE: Covid Impact

Dear Waste Management Customer,

COVID cases have recently seen a dramatic global increase, decimating communities, families, businesses, and industries across the world. This new COVID variant has temporarily impacted our workforce at all levels. In metro Atlanta, Waste Management has a high percentage of our workforce quarantined due to COVID related illness. These absences, while temporary, are negatively impacting our ability to provide on-time service to our customers.

Effective immediately, Waste Management will be making the following changes to all residential subscription and residential HOA services until further notice:

• Temporarily suspending all residential recycling routes
• Temporarily suspending all residential bulk pick up services
• Minimizing excess removal to four (4) extra bags around the container

During this interim period, all recycling drivers will be reassigned to service a solid waste route as a measure to provide trash removal on schedule. To ensure our customers have an alternative solution, all recycling customers may place their recycling container at the curb on their scheduled trash service day and we will dispose of recyclables in a solid waste truck. Our drivers will be instructed to empty both the trash and recycling containers.


Brookshade Residents,

The ACC has received many requests for vendor suggestions on repairing or replacing mailboxes. Brookshade residents can get quotes from 3 different vendors. Pricing typically runs from $15 (replacement parts) to $250 (repair). A complete restoration can run from $350 to $450 depending on if the box needs to be replaced.

1. The Mailbox Project: (770) 535-0036 | info@mailboxproject.com

Several residents have recently used The Mailbox Project with favorable results and has been recommended by the ACC in the past 5 years.

2. GSi Mailboxes: (678) 671-6870 | info@gsihomeservices.com

Click the Contact tab to get a free quote.

3. Peachtree Post and Box: (404) 702-8453 | peachtreepostandbox@gmail.com

Peachtree Post was the original installer of mailboxes in Brookshade.

Brookshade ACC


Brookshade Homeowners:

We have been informed that Waste Management was unable to complete Tuesday’s service routes due to the unsafe road conditions. As a result, their service has fallen behind schedule. To ensure everyone’s collection, they are now operating on a one-day delay. Therefore, if your regular collection day is Thursday, they will service on Friday. Brookshade’s regular collection day is Friday so expect our service to be on Saturday, FEB 20TH.  Please make sure your containers are accessible. If they are unable to service you as scheduled, they will collect any excess waste missed due to this event when they complete your next pick up. To stay up to date as conditions change, please visit our website, www.wm.com.