A. Policy for usage of the clubhouse

  1. Reservations for clubhouse
    • Contact the Clubhouse Liaison:
    • Only homeowner(s) may reserve the clubhouse and he/she must be present for the entire activity/event.
    • Dates may be reserved 90 days in advance and will be on a first come/first serve basis.
  2. Clubhouse Reservation Agreement, signed.
  3. A refundable deposit of $100.00, payable to: Brookshade HOA.
  4. Sign off on check list provided in the clubhouse.
  5. Return key to liaison within 12 hours
  6. The deposit check will be returned to homeowner after liaison inspects the clubhouse area.

B. Rules & limitations for usage of the Clubhouse

  1. No smoking in the clubhouse.
  2. No tacks/tape on walls, doors or window facings.
  3. In No Way Shall A Homeowner (or his/her guests) Violate Federal, State or Local Laws and Ordinances!
  4. Damages to the clubhouse area will be assessed and the homeowner will be held responsible for repairs.
  5. Blackout Dates:  Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day
  6. Business related activities are prohibited where tangible items are exchanged for dollars (i.e. craft shows, etc.)
  7. The Board may suspend the homeowner’s right to reserve or use the clubhouse for any of the following reasons:
    • For failure of an unpaid assessment
    • For violation of the Declaration, Bylaws or Rules of the Association. (Refer to the Brookshade Covenants, Article XII, Section 2ii)

For a complete copy of the Clubhouse Reservation Agreement